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Applications for Radiology


Radiologists around the world voiced their needs and we listened. Web-enabled, robust, easy to use interface with Quality Rich™ features give you PACS at an affordable cost. To support the evolving needs of Radiologists, and satisfy the ever increasing demands for patient throughput and quality care, Clarity PACS is designed to be scalable and incorporate Quality Rich™ features. Radiologists now can exchange images between their offices or complete a study to be sent to a referring physician any time of the day, anywhere via web-enabled Clarity PACS. Remote access from the Radiologist’s workstation to Clarity PACS improves productivity and allows you to increase quality patient care and revenues.

Applications for Orthopedic Practices
Orthopedic Practice

A sophisticated orthopedic specialist wants the best. Clarity PACS delivers an innovative solution to store, manage and display images and data within an orthopedic care setting. Clarity PACS has everything an orthopedic practice might need. TraumaCAD software paired with the powerful Clarity PACS workstations offers the benefits of efficient pre-operative and surgical planning with a full orthopedic template library, measurement tools, and complete pre-operative tools. iCRco provides a full line of digital imaging devices and PACS solutions offering a complete turn-key solution for your practice. You can now convert to digital radiography with peace of mind.

Applications for Private Practices
Private Practice


Whether your office has a few or fifty team members, iCRco can provide you with the most advanced Digital Imaging and PACS solutions in the market. iCRco's solutions integrate directly into your existing radiology workflow. Private practices have been left on the other side of the Medical Digital Divide due to the cost and complexity of converting to a full digital environment. iCRco has been bridging the medical digital divide for almost 20 years making innovative, turn-key digital solutions affordable and accessible. The full line of iCRco computed radiography machines will revolutionize your workflow and transform your practice into a modern imaging facility. Clarity PACS, an integral part of our complete solution will change how you manage your digital data and greatly improve your productivity. It is time to see the future of medical imaging and become part of the innovation with iCRco.

Applications for Chiropractic Practices

Clarity PACS is the right choice for Chiropractic practices and delivers an innovative solution to store, manage and display images and data within a Chiropractic care setting. Clarity PACS comes with user friendly and intuitive image viewing software which includes tools specific to Chiropractics. iCRco is an

x-ray imaging hardware, PACS, imaging software and integrated solutions provider for all healthcare professionals.



“Clarity PACS is a new and exciting data management solution. I had a great user experience with the Viewer software and was impressed by how much the system offers. Report writing, advanced measurement and manipulation tools as well as how these tools and features behave was remarkable. I would suggest this system to all my colleagues.”


Dr. Crandon Clark, M.D.

Board Certified Radiologist



“At Huntington Orthopaedic we recently went digital to improve our patient care and house the latest technologies in digital imaging. We have decided on an iCRco Solution including Computed Radiography and a PACS system because of its superior quality and workflow when compared to other systems we have seen and tested. At Huntington Orthopedic our patients come first and we consider ourselves a pioneer in using the newest advancements in Orthopedics when treating them. With the iCRco Digital solution we can now diagnose and start treating our patients immediately. We are excited to offer superior service to all of our existing and future patients.”


Walter Hynan Burnham Jr., M.D.

Spinal Surgery, Cervical and Lumbar Spinal Surgery,

Pediatric and Adult Deformity

Huntington Orthopedic Center




“I love my digital processor. I have an ICRCO 3600SF. They came and installed and trained me the same day. I have not had any problems with it. I have had it for one year so far. It is a flat plate scan, so you slide the door open, place the cassette in and close the door and "bam", you get your image on the computer. Mine sits on a countertop, though you can hang it on a wall or have a stand for it.  This was one of the best investments I made since practicing. My films are always perfect. You can underexpose or overexpose and essentially correct for this on the computer. I love the fact I can e-mail my films for second opinions with colleagues, and making copies of films is easy.”


Jeffrey Kass, DPM,

Forest Hills, NY

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