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Simple, Intuitive Image Viewing

Clarity Viewer is a high-performance, multi-monitor viewer for Windows workstations, laptops, and tablets. The full-featured viewer has a large suite of tools for image manipulation, layout, and markup, and includes a report writer, CD/media writing, hanging protocols, and more. 

Clarity Viewer Core Features:


  • Full suite of tools for image manipulation, layout, and markup

  • Filter, search, and sort worklist in various ways

  • Easily see all studies for a selected patient

  • Structured report writer

  • CD/media writing

  • Hanging Protocols, with special features for Mammography

  • Connect to multiple Clarity Archives

  • Pre-fetch studies to workstation for rapid viewing

  • Save annotations as Grey Scale Presentation States (GSPS)

  • Dynamic Scout Lines for CT & MR

  • Display of DICOM Mammogram CAD markers

  • Installs with a click, and updates automatically

Hanging Protocols



Clarity PACS includes modality or practice-specific hanging protocols.

Grey Scale Presentation States


GSPS allows you to save annotations and image settings as DICOM objects on the server for later viewing.

DICOM Importer



Clarity PACS can import JPEG, PDF or other DICOM objects.

Multiple Viewing Licenses


The Clarity Archive

supports multiple concurrent Clarity Viewers, connected from anywhere.


Easy CD/DVD Creator


Quickly copy studies for patients and re-ferring physicians.

Structured Report Writer


Easily create radiology reports utilizing customized templates.

Easy HL7 Integration



Integrate with front office practice management systems like EMR, RIS, and others.

Dynamic Worklist / Viewer Preferences


Create custom worklist filters and fully customize Viewer features.


Internet Powered



Access your data from anywhere in the world.

Multi-Modality Support


Receive imaging data from CR, DR, ultrasound, MR, CT, and more.

Imaging and Annotation Tools


Numerous tools available including: Cobb Angle, Center Line, Cine, and Smart Filtering.

Smart Window Level



Automatically sets

the window level and 

width based on a region of interest.

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