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 In this fast-paced, interconnected world, you need the tools to manage your practice wherever you are. iClarity allows you to securely access your PACS from your Apple phone or iPad. Find and sort studies by name, ID, modality, and date. Use tools such as zoom, pan, window/level, cine, and measurements to manipulate images. Stay connected with iClarity.

iClarity App Features:


  • Mobile access to Clarity PACS

  • Search by name, ID, modality, and date  

  • View, zoom, pan, window/level, cine, measure

  • Send images securely through email

iClarity App Features:


  • Connect to multiple ClarityPACS.

  • Search and sort worklist by category.

  • Rapidly window & level with touch control.

  • Secure connection to the ClarityPACS

iClarity Lite Free Demo App


Explore the full functionality of iClarity App
utilizing iCRco's PACS server and discover
the power of portable management.


  • Search worklist by Name, ID, and Modality

  • Rapidly zoom, pan, and window & level

  • Scroll images in multi-slice series

  • "Shake" to reset image.



Simply download iClarity from the iTunes store and connect it to your PACS. Its intuitive interface allows you to efficiently locate and load images onto your tablet or phone. With iClarity you can view, analyze, and annotate images, then send them securely via email.

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